Friday, October 25, 2013

Costume Update!

Very quick costume update.

Last night after work, I zoomed to the shop to find a black or blue skirt, fake daises and a hat. Found the blue skirt (in the granny section!!), tights (which upon driving home, said to myself, "Maybe I should check the label to make sure they aren't footless tights" and low and behold....they were footless!!!) and the hat but had no luck with the daises. I went to 2 stores and the one had every fake flower under the sun but of daises.

Flash forward to this morning. Woke up bright and early and began my shopping adventure for the daises and a little make-up to complete the look. My first stop was JoAnn's....they didn't have daises either! UGH! But I found black knee-high socks to help with the tights situation and I stocked up on twine for holiday gift wrapping.

Then I flew to Ulta, got my liquid liner and lipstick and then went to Michael's and prayed they had daises. And thank heavens they did!

After I got home, I put everything together. There is a black ribbon around the hat I bought so I could have just slipped the flowers in that way but I thought they would fall out easily so I sewed them in with my superior sewing skills ( but it worked. Hat finished! Then I desperately needed to make a red bow for my neck so I figured out a way to make one and strung it on some stretchy cord I found lying around the house and voilĂ ! Knocked that one out of the park. So happy I finished everything this morning as I have to work at my one job from 3-1130 p.m. I KNOW! It's a terrible shift. :(


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx