Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas in the Air!

It's almost 1:00 p.m. on this chilly Sunday and as I look around my family room, I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside.

After a delicious breakfast of homemade Belgium waffles with berries and bananas with my family while listening to Christmas music this morning, I decided today would be the perfect day to bring out the Christmas decorations!

I gathered up the decorations from the basement, put them in a laundry basket and up I went to transform the house! We have a TON of decorations from the past however many years we've lived here. A lot of our specials decorations are ones that my brother and I have made throughout the years so we always have to put those out. It's a fun tradition.

Back in the day, my brother and I would hang garland around our bedroom doors and string up lights in our windows. We haven't done it in SO long and I really missed our tradition so I just had to rummage through our Christmas boxes to find my bag of garland. Now my door is decorated and I wrapped a couple of the extra pieces around random things in my bedroom, just to spruce it up a little bit. It brings up really fond memories of Christmas when I was little. I wish I could go back and enjoy those years all over again...

Anyways, along with Christmas comes my absolutely favorite part of the holiday season...HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIES! (Excuse me while I squeal with delight!)

Every weekend, Hallmark premieres new Christmas movies and honestly, I would be 100% happier in life if I could watch these movies year-round. My parents love them too so it's getting to be a bit of a family tradition...watching Hallmark movies together at night.

However, with the Hallmark movies and their romance comes feelings of loneliness. I want to fall in love like these movies, I want to meet my future husband at a Christmas parade or something romantic like that. I want to kiss under the mistletoe. There was a new movie on last night that my best friend (she lives in Boston) and I watched and texted each other during. While she does have a boyfriend, we were both moaning and groaning about our love lives and getting married. I know I shouldn't panic...I'm still pretty young, but when will my day come?

Dear Santa,
Could I please have a boyfriend for Christmas? That's all I want. 
Thank you.
Love, Ms. Single

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