Monday, November 11, 2013

My Christmas Playlist - Top 10

I'm sorry.

I know Thanksgiving is on the horizon but in my eyes, it's 100% Christmas.

Which means Christmas music all day, EVERY DAY!

Here are my top 10 holiday favorites and the reasons:

10. "Feliz Navidad" performed by José Feliciano
It's catchy, it's fun...I get to practice my Spanish. What's not to love?

9. "Sleigh Ride" performed by Leroy Anderson
I love this instrumental version, especially the horse at the very end. It always puts a smile on my face and I can always belt out the lyrics if I'm really feeling it.

8. "White Christmas" performed by Irving Berlin
When I listen to this song, I picture myself lounging in front of the fire with my future beau, with a glass of pinot grigio in one hand and chocolate covered strawberries in the other.

7. "Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire" performed by Nat King Cole
Put this one on right after "White Christmas", please. 

6. "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" performed by Brenda Lee
This song brings back so many happy memories of my childhood, listening to this song with my mom and brother as we put up the Christmas tree. It's so much fun to dance to, too!

5. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" performed by Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey 
Ask me which version I like better right now and I would say Michael Bublé (his voice is like silk against my skin). Ask me 5 years ago and Mariah Carey, no doubt. I will belt this song out any day.

4. "Last Christmas" performed by Wham!
This song transports me back to my art class, sophomore year of high school. This was our table anthem. Love...LOVE.....LOVE!!! And I might also be slightly obsessed with the 80's...

3. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" performed by Andy Williams
He speaks the truth. It really does. Whenever I hear this, I want to skip through the streets while throwing candy canes at people, spreading as much holiday cheer as I can.

2. "First Noel" performed by Nsync
This is my go-to when I want to try my hand at harmonizing. Plus, N*Sync.....come on!!!! You can't deny that you love this song too. My ultimate dream is that they will reunite in my family room, serenading me with this song while I sip on hot cocoa and gaze at Justin Timberlake's abs...

1. "It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas" performed by Bing Crosby
Such a classic. I could listen to this on repeat for hours. It also reminds me of "A Christmas Story" which is obviously a Christmas MUST-WATCH. So perfect.

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