Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Halloween is on the horizon.

And with Halloween, comes one of my jobs' (I have multiple) annual Haunted Halloween event.


I've always been extremely DIY with my costumes years past. One year, I fashioned a "Where's Waldo?" t-shirt out of a plain white-tee and red duck tape. Last year, I was Rosie the Riveter and the only thing I had to buy was a school-boy's style short sleeved school shirt. I came up with this costume idea almost two weeks ago but of course, I'm waiting until a few days before the event to actually put it together. I have maybe 3 pieces of my outfit but I really need to go out and find the other pieces.

"What are you going to be?!" you ask?

Well! I've decided to dress up as Mary Poppins! Fairly simple, fun, easily identifiable...I mean...who HASN'T seen the movie? "A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down...the medicine go down...the medicine go dooooown." Excuse me while I break out in song.

Anyways, I already have a red ribbon and the while button down shirt. All I need now is a longer black skirt, black tights and possibly a black hat (if least some fake daisies to put into my hair). Then of course I want to get a little make-up to go along with it...a little liquid liner and  lipstick to complete the look.

If all goes according to plan, I'll post a few photos of the finished product.

What are all of you dress up as for Halloween?


  1. what a cute idea! we wish halloween was celebrated more widely in australia :(

  2. Thank you! Come to America next Halloween and I will take you to a fun Halloween party so you can celebrate! Haha.